About Us

    Qingdao Yifengda International Logistics Co. Ltd. is a freight agency firm, approved by the state foreign trade office, and deals with the agency of import and export of freight. The business includes freightage berth booking, applying to customs as well as examination of containers, transp ortation, storage, transfer, insurance and relevant transportation services and consultation. 

    The company is staffed by personnel with rich experience in shipping and the imports and exports industry, which brings obvious advantages for business operation and mastering market information. Moreover we have built favorable relations with concerned government departments in the past, so we can ensure that the goods pass customs in time and satisfy the client greatly.  The company will abide by the concept of "Best service, Best price, Best partner", and await your long-term cooperation with high quality, super-efficient convenient economic service, so that you can finis h your work indoors.  The company has built long-term favorable corporation relations with large shipping companies to ensure that we provide lo wer marine prices; at the same time the high stuff operator of our company will solve problems in advance to avoid delaying shipping time becaus e of waiting to pass customs. Furthermore the company provides free service of export bill to satisfy the client as possible.  With regards to transp ortation, in order to ensure your goods arrive at the appointed place at the lowest price most quickly, we lower the cost by investing in more than 20 container trailers, so that you can control the goods state exactly and in time. The freight agency industry is a necessary bridge and belt for an enterprise's development. The company will strive to exert our advantage and experience on the base of mastering market trends fully, and put forward more novel quality and economic services for your convenience and advantage in the market.

    We expect to develop and grow to produce lower costs with your support, and bring benefit to you as the customer.  We sincerely promise to bring benefit to every customer through our continuous effort and high quality service, and we expect to develop and make progress together with you.